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Spartacus is surrounded but trying hard.

This morning I found myself being the only person hosting an AOE game. As the day progressed a few more went down the path of the city states in Age Of Empires instead of the Rise Of Rome expansion.

Posted by admin on 2016-07-07 14:51:56 UTC

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Age Of Empires Online Returning Soon? Maybe!

Back Me Up! No matter where you are and in which small capacity that you can.

Posted by admin on 2016-06-16 09:33:42 UTC

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Age4Greeks Lobby Client

Several years ago an open source project emerged that was designed to replicate the old Microsoft Zone lobby. A program was distributed among the Greeks known as the Age4Greeks Lobby.

Little was said about the program and what it offered but we feel it should be brought to everyone's attention since it is one of the few true lobby systems on the web.

This is what it looks like.

To play on the Age4Greeks lobby system you just have to click on the Age4Greeks icon at the top of the in the right hand column on this page. It will take you to Age4Greeks website where you can download the lobby client.

Warning: There Are Two Client versions, Greek and English Sometimes the English version is not updated so the best way is to download both and copy the english.lng file and the LobyClient.ini to the Greek version or copy the exe and dll files form the Greek version to the English version folder before launching.

Posted by admin on 2016-05-16 05:19:38 UTC

Game News:
Age Of Empires Revisited (2016)

Ever wondered what happened to that old classic game Age Of Empires? Well the broader community has been doing amazing things to make it better. The Age Of Empires Revisited project aims to offer some long overdue game fixes to improve the overall game experience. If you haven't already tried the new balance patch that is part of Age Of Empires Revisited then I urge you to download and give it a try:

The patch 1.07 is considered at the Final Alpha balance stage
Age Of Empires Revisited

Once we have balanced the game we will then look at including some additional features to make the game feel fresh and new.

Posted by admin on 2016-05-15 03:18:04 UTC

Game News:
Game Recording

Recording game options. There aren't many good game screen recorders out there, especially free ones. Many people will know about FRAPS, a commercial solution to recording games. The only drawback is that it is not entirely compatible with some older games like the original Age of Empires and it's expansion Rise of Rome. However Microsoft has given us a little treat in Windows 10. Press Windows Key and G within your game and you will be presented with a screen recorder that is designed to record video games. I believe it works whenever an application uses specific DirectX features so it may work for some other applications that are not considered Games but use a DirectX screen.

The feature is called Game DVR and launches by pressing the Windows Key and the G key on your keyboard.

Posted by admin on 2016-05-06 06:19:16 UTC

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Game For Sale

I have been involved with gaming for many years but never had the opportunity to develop my own game aside giving input here and there as a co programmer, arts assistant, and variety of other roles.

So I would like to offer a basic model for a game that I think is refreshing and politically correct for the RTS genre. Like many bastards out there they take our ideas and make them games but never bother sending us a thank you payment or donation. So if you use this idea please send me some cash as I feel very ripped off by many big companies that used my ideas and made games without giving any credit or monetary remuneration. So i must state I am not a no-body that you can walk over and steal from thinking no-one will notice. If you like what I have to say then by all means develop the game but give credit and $ to show your appreciation.

Of course I will not be specific because unless your on a payroll the best you can do is give a general idea. So everything I have to say is going to be politically correct for the time that this post is being made.

1. The Game Name will be anything that does not highlight an aristocracy, bureaucracy, monarchy or empire. The game will personify the City States because the USA was founded on that fundamental principle when it took that daring schizm from their colonizers.
2. The internal workings of the city will be a meta game that is functional and dynamic. Your city will progress by building, reasearching technologies, and trading. But this city environment is almost completely a single player experience so that those who want to decorate their cities can do so.
3. City Meta Game
a.) Buildings - Resource Gathering, Manufacture and Processing, Trade and Military
b.) Reasearch - Two types of researches will be implemented, the first affects the city and various aspects of it. The second will affect the multiplayer engagement during battles.
c.) trading - Two possibilities firstly between players and secondly at stores.

4. Inter City Engagement
Alliances - Forged with NPC entities each offering different strengths and weaknesses to the City and the multiplayer battle games
Conflict - Cities in conflict can be attacked and plundered for no more than 10% of their resources every 24 hours. Cities can only fight when they are online at the time a battle has been engaged. Conflict is resolved by a battle between the conflicting cities. The losing city has the option to 1. Sign a tribute 2. become a temporary vassal or 3. offer a white peace. The conquering city can 1. accept a tribute, 2. attain an extra 10% population cap in battles for having one or more cities as vassal and receives a 10% production bonus while the conquered city gains a penalty of 10%. A white peace means that neither city is affected by the battle. If no agreement is made then a city conquered by the same opponent more than once within a week becomes a vassal automatically. A winning defender gains 5% increase in production for 24 hours upto 50%. An attacker who loses gets a 5% penalty to their production up to 50%.

Inter City engagement can only happen between established cities towards the middle to end game.

5. PvP Battle Sessions
a. A public area for communication with players is important
b. Only one battle system should exist this must be Regular PvP
Battles are standard RTS style based on the style of Age of Empires, Starcraft and Command and Conquer Generals. Battles are standardized non gear dependent but carry over some variables from the mother city of the same polity ie Athenian, Spartan etc. So the Meta Game City of Sparta may have a max bonus of +5% pop to military in battles and because of the Inter city engagements Sparta gets an additional 5% population increase where as Athens gets 5% reasearch cost bonus. Only one Inter City bonus should apply per battle, they can be standardised.
c. Regular PvP will include some bonuses to PvE players and PvP players by level. This can be a scaling of Hitpoints to units or some other variables that won't affect end game. This can be done in tiers like AOE3 where cities gain PvP levels and PvE levels. PvP bonuses can focus on military and PvE bonus on economy but only offer say a max of 30% bonus end game. eg 1% per level as a bonus or even less depending on attribute and balance.
d. Two types of games can be played Random Map and Death Match
e. Staged games with a lobby or some gathering point where players can pick and choose opponents should remain non ranked.
f. Auto Matching Solo and Team games should be ranked. The ranks do not affect any part of the game but the more matches the more bonuses should be offered for PvE and PvP players.

6. PvE
1. Random Hack and Slash
People playing PvE will require constantly new quests. Because standard games take rather long Hack and Slash games should be adventures generated randomly. Resources will be high like in a death match and many of them will affect the meta game city and the units used in PvE. Hack and Slash usually means you usually have an army or high resources and set out to conquer something through a given path.
2. Scenario Quest Lines
More than just build up and conquer these Quests may include video and audio preludes and entail detailed campaign information like for instance the story of Odysseus and his return from Troy.
3. Death Match and Random Map Co-Op

I envisage the Meta game to look a little like the Total War series campaign map and the in game battles to resemble the Age Of Empires series.

The Opening Line Up Of Cities:

Next Phase
Macedonia (Greek)

So that is it for now. The kind of units and the game should be adventurous I would not exclude using monsters from mythology in a sparing manner as end game units while maintaining a standard and typical army.

If flying units are included, they break the game strategy because there is no effective way to stop flying units without flying units and towers and other land defenses may only help to a limited extent because units can be replaced but defenses are costly and timely to establish.

So if anyone wants to build this game let me know. I believe it is Obama ideologically appropriate and even if Donald Trump does get in, just tell him it's a war game :)

Posted by admin on 2016-04-17 21:51:44 UTC

Game News:
Game Servers

After almost a decade I have updated the servers that you can play on on the right hand side of my webpage. I have no affiliation with them or earn any benefits from referring people to them. I used to support Voobly almost exclusively but things change. I am very disappointed with Steam and Voobly, SkyBox and their developers for changing our games to the point where our favorite parts are now no longer fun to play.

Don't get me wrong, I and those I play with are still into Age Of Empires and Mythology, but you are better off playing LAN or single player than multiplayer. The scene is not as exciting as it was, and most of these servers force you to play with their version of the game.

GameRanger is probably the only unrestricted and pure server hosting service. Voobly has implemented a system that eventually requires you to play the same patch as everyone else. Steam requires you to purchase their version of the game and to use their patches.

Posted by admin on 2016-04-03 11:06:00 UTC

Game News:
Windows 10 - The Can Of Worms

Windows 10 was a philanthropic gesture by Microsoft. It gave people an opportunity to upgrade to windows 10 from pretty much any supported version of Windows, which I think included everything after windows Vista. It may even be available to other versions but I did not check. Two things worry us when a big company offers free software. Firstly, network traffic seems to increase when windows 10 is installed, flaring up a long ongoing argument about which information is being sent and received without our consent.

Young guys entering the gaming world probably think the biggest problem they have to face is getting their game to work on their laptop. Patches, technical help centres and services like Steam, Voobly and a Game Ranger are all there to help you play online. Steam however is geared towards an online DRM service. It became so successful that it has literally dwarfed inhouse game servers and other services because it gives people the convenience of one place to play a myriad of games. many of those games are independent of the business of Steam. In other words almost anyone can sell on Steam (provided enough peers support their game). So this giant has made the idea of Digital Rights Management (Forceful Copyright Enforcement) an online service for many of the games it supports. As a result, those old technologies like SecuRom and SafeDisk are not used much if at all anymore in the gaming making world.

Now we have either a real problem or God send. Windows 10 no longer ships with all those little worms called CD Protection layers. That includes SecuRom and SafeDisk. As a gamer what this means is that most of the launchers and No CD hooks that fooled SecuRom and SafeDisk have nothing to trick. Old patches and No CD Launchers will most likely fail. Some NoCD hacks still work though especially ones that simply by-passed the protection. Now the reason for this article is because one of the thousands of games affected is Age Of Mythology and it's expansion The Titans. It is one of our games that we play. Now there are a couple of things you should know. At the moment none of the No CD launchers will work. The symptom is you launch the game and nothing happens. Alternatively you may get different messages like requiring administrator privileges. The bottom line is that you will not be able to run the game on WIndows 10 unless you want to install SafeDisk 4.0 which in my opinion is untested and the last thing we really want to do.

Posted by admin on 2016-02-18 08:41:42 UTC

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Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year for 2016.

2015 was not a great year for PC gamers and it showed through the lack of quality games. A significant increase in political motives have crept into the games we play, which in the past was sublime or almost transparent. in 2015 the games were not entirely free of political agendas, each title offering something different to a particular regime.

In anycase, some commercial games worth mentioning from 2015 include;

1. Guild Wars 2
2. StarCraft II
3. Pillars Of Eternity
4. Tomb Raider
5. Card Hunter (Free)

Not much of the RTS Genre pulled off anything note worthy aside the StarCraft II series. Although Age Of Mythology Extended Edition and Age Of Empires HD are expecting some new expansions, an indication of a steady player base. Having a steady player base is a feat in it's self. StarCraft II has managed to learn from the Free 2 Play experience and has made the game capable of being played for free as a trial without expiration. Which means you can effectively play using the Try Before You Buy mode for as long as you want. There are severe limitations but the game is playable if you use one of the Free 2 Play teams. This model is fantastic as it has created a player base of over 10000 online, a massive number of RTS players. The only gripe as I mentioned before are the political motives that pop up in a less than subtle way, for example I despised the idea of raiding an established city and destroying it to the ground. Yet in the chat channel we are getting many people speaking as if they are going into some kind of tour of duty. "Let's set fire to their villages", "Let's burn them up" etc etc.

Guild Wars II was so repulsive in story line that I ended up muting the voice over and doing quests as blindly as possible. What I truly despise about RPG games is that they seem to think we like being part of some kind of kingdom. Seriously, if we paid good money for a game, the least the developers could do is give us a fantasy government system like a true democracy. Other than that Guild Wars 2 is a good game, the pvp needs a bit of tweaking to be of any interest to hardcore PvPers coming from Lineage II. I found that Guild Wars 2 aside some atrocious story telling and over infatuation with guilds, masonic alliances and parties, monarchs and kingdoms, the underlying game is actually fun. It has a little of everything for everyone. If you like crafting and making gear, it has that, if you like pvp it has that too, if you want a gentle grind for a casual player it has that too. You can play the game the way you want and it can be enjoyable without the micro transaction bait and traps that fester most RPG's online today. Guild Wars 2 is a buy it once and your done franchise, although expansions have already been released for the hardcore fans.

Tomb Raider the new release in Nov 2015 I think was a nice story with the approach that it was not a massive grind to finish the story. It kept me interested from start to end and was very entertaining.

Pillars Of Eternity is also worth mentioning only because it offered something different rather than something exceptional. It is a game that looked like Never Winter Nights but with modern graphics and gameplay. It was old school third person view that is not too different to games like Diablo. yet it just had it's own charisma.

Finally of the RPG genre Card Hunter is free from Steam and is a turn based card playing game that is actually also fun to play. It is a mix between a chess board, an encounter in a hack and slash dungeon crawl, a combat session in D&D and a card game. The cards are dealt to each character according to their level, type etc, and you play the fixed number of cards for each character that you control. It can be fun and has elements of strategy and RPG.

Lets hope that better thought out and more entertaining games await us for 2016. I am hoping another RTS title hits the market, hopefully it will be as entertaining as StarCraft II and yet something fresh and new to play.

Till then, once again I wish you all a Happy New Year 2016

Posted by admin on 2016-01-01 01:11:02 UTC

Game News:
Windows 10 Upgrades For Free

Well Microsoft has started sending out Windows Update announcements that users of Windows 7 and 8, 8.1 can reserve a copy of Windows 10 Upgrade.

This should be exciting for everyone who was hoping to try the new operating system but was let down by the flop that was Windows 8 and 8.1. Well Apple have started giving out free upgrades, so it makes sense that the Microsoft is going to try and retain their clients. The free Windows 10 upgrade is permanent with full support in the years to come.

What has not been disclosed yet is if the Operating system will be installable as a standalone or if users who have formatted their HDD are going to need their old operating system and the new Windows 10. From the look of things there appears to be a return of the Windows Marketplace for PC but I could be wrong. If it is then we may just see some games being re-supported such as Age Of Empires Online which was only playable for approximately 18 months.

Posted by admin on 2015-06-01 01:45:06 UTC

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