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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Remember that happiness is about being content with the least. So this New Year lets hope we all find the path that leads us to contentment and happiness. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.

Posted by admin on 2014-12-23 10:20:16 UTC

Game News:
Game Of Thrones - The Wall - New Age of Mythology Map

I have made a new map called The Wall. It was inspired by The Wall in Game of Thrones. The movie depicts a large ice wall blocking passage from the frozen lands into the area of the Westeros. It is largely based on the Jotunheim maps and the Danube River maps of AOK. This map is better I think than those maps in many different ways. To try it out you can find the download at:

The Wall Random Map

Posted by admin on 2014-07-18 14:32:40 UTC

Game News:
Game Mover

At the time of writing this review, Application Mover found is a free application mover and is a good alternative to Steam Mover. Application Mover simply lets you move an existing installation on Windows XP, Vista, 7 to another location. This is ideal for recovering some critical space on your Windows drive.

I found that this application worked very well for most games, infact I did not encounter any problem with my games. It is better than Steam Mover, and infact I would not use Steam User again.

If you are seeking to simply relocate your steam applications then you will not need to use any software. To move Steam to another drive simply follow the following steps:

1. Delete everything in your Steam folder except the SteamApps folder AND the Steam.EXE file.
2. Once everything is deleted copy the SteamApps folder and the Steam.EXE to you new location.
3. From your new location run Steam.EXE
4. Once all the files are downloaded (which are small in size, trust me!) login with your user and password. You must do this log in correctly otherwise you may lose the data file listing your games in the SteamApps folder.

Your games will not download again, this method will only download the Steam system files which are typically less than 50MB. Once you log in with your proper username and password, you will get access to all you games instantly. It is as far as I know, the best way to move your steam installation.

For all other games that are not part of Steam, I think Application Mover is the best option we have at the moment. It does a physical move of all game files to required destination and does not symlink to the new location. I have also noticed that it actually changes the registry to complement the new location. It changes any registry occurrence of C:\ drive to your new drive eg D:\ . It may also make use of Symlinks ie keeping some keys with the old settings but forwarding the PC to the new location ie making C:\Mygame actually open D:\Mygame. But I have not encountered any Symlinks using this software, the Steam Mover Application on the contrary seems to have made heavy use of Symlinks. In any case the Application Mover messes with less and is cleaner in moving your applications, which don't have to be games.

I have not tested old DRMs that checked the game was run from the place it was installed like Securom. So do not think I have been very thorough in testing, I have merely tested with about 45 games and they all moved without a problem. Also before you go ahead and styart moving stuff, I suggest you do not move any operating system files or important files to your operating system. If you have programs with sensitive or critical data, then don't risk it without backup first.

Till next time, Have Fun!

Posted by admin on 2014-07-18 13:53:56 UTC

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Steam Family Share

Ever wanted to share your Steam games with family members? I for instance have some games purchased under one main account, yet other games are in another account. So It makes sense to bridge two or more Steam accounts by sharing the games in each Steam account.

Steam announced the great idea of sharing games between accounts back in 2013. Well today that is possible and it is one of the greatest things to happen on Steam. You can share your games with up-to 5 other accounts, which is ideal for a family or small group of friends.

What is Steam Family Library Sharing?

Steam Family Library Sharing allows family members and their guests to play one another's games while earning their own Steam achievements and saving their own game progress to the Steam Cloud. It's all enabled by authorizing family members' accounts and shared computers.

Read more here:

Great stuff Valve!

Posted by admin on 2014-05-12 19:34:16 UTC

Game News:
Good Old Games On Steam

Exciting news has come to RTS fans, as MS has modernized some of their old games. Included in the list of revived classics are Age of Kings and Age of Mythology.

Steam AOK HD

The Steam version of Age Of Kings offers high definition graphics and numerous changes to improve multi-player and single-player experiences. The same can be said for the exciting new and yet to be released Age Of Mythology Extended edition:
Steam AOM Extended

Posted by admin on 2014-04-11 12:02:59 UTC

Game News:
GFWL Update

A massive protest erupted a few months ago regarding the announced closure of GFWL Marketplace. Several games released by Capcom, Warner Brother Games, Microsoft, 2K Games and several others relied on the Games For Windows Marketplace. Some relied on the GFWL services to login and enable cloud saving and various other server related features.

The previous law suit against Microsoft for closing GFWL and AOEO has stopped being advertised here. The reason being that there maybe some hope. Even though GFWL Marketplace is being shut down, this does not mean that the services of GFWL will cease entirely. How this affects Age Of Empires Online is that it may infact be un-playable after the July 1 2014 closure of the GFWL Marketplace.

However, because of the large number of games affected and using GFWL services most Game developers will need to patch their games to take out reliance on GFWL. The other alternative is that while the GFWL Marketplace is removed, the GFWL services maybe allowed to continue, which is entirely wishful thinking.

There has been some confusion and bad reporting on the subject most people are left in the dark. But here are a few snippets of information to shed some light on what is happening:

On the XBox website we have this:
"As part of the upcoming Xbox 360 system update, Microsoft Points will be retired, and the PC marketplace will be closed as of August 22, 2013. We encourage you to spend your Microsoft Points balance prior to this change. Although you will not be able to purchase new games, you can continue to enjoy previously purchased content by downloading them through the Games for Windows LIVE client software as usual."

So this makes sense in terms of making everyone upgrade their consoles and use a new marketplace which will be the same as the old marketplace but only open to XBOX One users :)

Now the PC users who are not used to being handled in this way are a little upset with the idea that because some crappy DRM service is going down, that their favorite games won't be playable. But the DRM component may not entirely be going down.

Recent versions of Street Fighter IV include a GFWL login and a Steam Store market in game. So with these additions to the games comes hope that other Game developers will update their games with a patch.

Age Of Empires Online remains the game of most concern because as you log into the game there is an Important Announcement stating:

"Age of Empires Online will close on July 1, 2014 and all purchases have been disabled as part of the PC Marketplace shutdown."

Steam have been reasonably good with game developers and producers. For example they let MS sell on Steam, they even gave us COH (Company Of Heroes) owners a limited crossover to Steam version for free. So people with the CD could get a steam version for free. Steam have also graciously hosted a server for AOK HD (Age Of Kings High Definition) , an old game with some die hard fans.

Microsoft seems to have little remorse about the axing of their GFWL marketplace, but this will obviously be replaced by a new marketplace that XBox users and PC users can download and purchase Games. So really GFWL is not disappearing it is being re-branded into something else. Since MS have made it clear that previous purchases on XBox and PC that relied on the service will remain playable, it is somewhat a rare and unfortunate situation that MS would state Age Of Empires Online will entirely close down on July 1 2014.

I do not want to give false hopes but if everything shuts down July 1 2014 then perhaps it will re-open again without any promises the day after under a new name and brand. It can not be accepted that a game is sold and becomes unplayable within a two year span. The very idea seems like a once off in the entire history of gaming. In the background are many groups preparing to address the issue and take legal action based on what they perceive as unfair DRM usage. There is a degree of service people expect from purchased games. Even if a game is marketed as F2P it does not change the fact many paid for the product in support of it. The greatest supporters of the game will also be the ones suffering the greatest loss.

Posted by admin on 2013-12-01 05:20:17 UTC

Site Information:
Visual Basic 6 and DirectX

There has been a lot of misleading information on various websites regarding Visual Basic 6 and it's ability to run and create win7 and win 8 compatible software.

By misleading I mean very intelligent Tech forms, including those at MS have told people they can't use VB6 to make DIrectX games or software. Well that is the biggest load of crap! Almost every single one of those forums I have read has some guy telling you that it's time to learn VB.Net.

Pffff. VB6 makes exe's that are tiny compared to .Net bloatware. VB6 can run assembly code within it's own code natively. In VB6 all you need is the VB6 redistribution pack which for most cases works fine and comes with the IDE Visual Studio 6.

So here is the real deal:

To ensure you can use directX9 (for as long as it is part of Windows) that is part of Win7 and Win 8, Or should I say, can be installed on those systems, You will need a few things.

First you need the DXSDK8.1 which to your great delight is only available here because all the Tech forums have pulled them off their sites. Kind of makes it look like a conspiracy eh? All MS supporting sites remove a critical part of VB6 when VB.Net appears.

The next thing you will need is the dx8vb.dll to be registered in your operating system.

So here are the files:
DirectX 8 SDK Full Version 129MB: DX8SDK_Full (it isn't entirely necessary it just gives you code samples.

DirectX 8 Type Library: dx8vb.dll

1. copy the dx8vb.dll to c:\ (or anywhere you like) it will just be easier to reference in step 2 if it's in C:\

If you have a 32Bit Windows system you will need to open cmd.exe with administrator privileges.

type out:

cd c:\windows\system32
regsvr32 c:\dx8vb.dll

If you have 64Bit Windows system or Win7 or higher you need to type

cd c:\windows\syswow64
regsvr32 c:\dx8vb.dll

The dll is only needed during the development of your application. After you have compiled it your program will be using the directX9 system but limited to DirectX8 functionality. DirectX9 essentially lets you use Direct X 6,7,8 and 9. But of course 6,7 and 8 don't have the added features of DirectX 9. Those things are mainly to do with lighting and shaders. The core functionality is still there.

So happy coding in VB6 and spread the word and link back to my page. Why should we be writing code that looks like API calls in VB.Net when we have a nice easy, simple BASIC language that can compile small files, run assembly language from within it's compiled modules, and do almost everything most people need it to do.

Posted by admin on 2013-06-22 19:29:54 UTC

Game News:

A rather nice but slow moving MMO is eRepublik.

The aim of the game is simply to survive and fight.

There are 12 repeatable achievements that help you gain prestige and in the process more friends that can help you.

Here is a short list of the Medals for your achievements. You get them as the game progresses:

Hard Worker Work for 30 days straight
Battle Hero Cause the most damage in a Battle
Media Mogul Have 1000 subscribers to your news paper

There are many more waiting to be unlocked.

Also the game features a series of Quests that can give you cash and gold amongst other great things. One quest gives you weapons of mass destruction :) Most of the quests are easy to do and you will eventually fulfill most of them.

The good thing about the game is that you start off by getting a job and working to buy food and maybe weapons. As you progress you gain gold which is used to buy a variety of things such as businesses, newspapers and a variety of other things. Once you have enough businesses you will be able to be more self sufficient and even more profitable as employees can help your businesses produce more items that you can sell.

It has a strategy fell to it but is a simple game that you can progress through with only a few click per day. It is not a life consuming game like many MMO's today. At the minimum all you need to do is work and eat which involves only two clicks per day. As you gain levels you will be running a business, selling items and buying items on various markets, you will be fighting and using healing packs and getting more involved with the game. You can play it as long as you want and how you want.

So if you are interested and want to join please use this referral link:
Referral Link To eRepublik

This link will give you a bonus for accepting and also provide myself with some kickbacks. It fou want to join then the above link is the best way to do so. Good Luck!

Posted by admin on 2013-05-19 02:45:03 UTC

Site Information:
Age Of Empires II: Forgotten Empires

Forgotten Empires is a mod expansion for the Ensemble Studios game, Age of Kings: The Conquerors also known as Age Of Empires II: The Conquerors.

It adds several improvements to the game. Modifying many stats to balance the game, two new civilisations and much more in terms of graphics. The official site is at but due to the fact that there was an enormous amount of enthusiasm to try the game the site is often down due to too many people visiting and downloading. So you can also try

It is an awesome achievement and adds great new content to the game.

Posted by admin on 2013-01-04 12:34:39 UTC

Game News:
Age Of Empires Online

Age Of Empires Online Final Release

As many people know, the Age Of Empires Online game has been around for a year. The game started with the Greek civilisation, and then added Egyptians, Celts, Persians, Babylonians, Norse.

There were some other booster packs added to the game to add more depth to the game. Unfortunately, as a News Years gift fans of the game were given this report in an official blog:

"Ave, all!

It is now time to discuss the future of Age of Empires Online. AOEO has finished its development phase, and now moves on into its support phase.

What does that mean?

It means that there will be no new content created for AOEO. There is a small amount of content still in the pipeline that will be released in the next few weeks, but that is all. No new features will be added. Most significantly, no new civilizations will be released; the six existing ones are the complete and final set.

However, nothing else changes for players, nothing that currently exists will be removed. You can still play everything you own, earn EP, and purchase any content you do not currently own. We will still fully maintain and support the game and its players; no one is losing anything that you have earned or bought. Our Community team will continue to support the game by way of Community Challenges, streams, contests, PvP tournaments and more. "

Trajan's Developer Blog

In other words, whatever exists in the AOEO world will remain the same. The servers will remain active we assume for a while, we don't know if this means a year or ten years. People can still play and enjoy the game, buy things as before using cash or in game cash known as EP. The only thing that changes is that we won't see any new civilisations for the AOEO world.

It is both a very sad and upsetting moment for Age Of Empires Online players. The entire community is affected by this decision. There are many Age Series fans whose new year started with slap in the face. Our condolences.

But look on the bright side, people can now focus on getting the best gear for their civilisations as they only need to gear up 6 civilisations instead of the anticipated 12. For PvPers there is also the advantage of learning these 6 civilisations well and playing them to their fullest capacity. So even though production of content is halted, the game is still alive and well.

Posted by admin on 2013-01-04 12:23:47 UTC

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