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The Generic Flush

Describes the basic build orders for several civilisations and focuses on what to do with your army during feudal age wars.

The Mayan Flush

The Mayan .start in the game is geared towards a fast feudal time. With an exceptional ability to field a very powerful late feudal and early castle army. They are certainly a powerful force in DA and Early feudal also which is why I have chosen to write about their Flush.

The Boom

The boom focuses on setting up a strong and powerful economy that can withstand several attacks and allow you to replenish troops faster.

Fast Castle

Many Strategies depend on a Fast Castle time and as such this article explores the basics of getting to Castle Age quickly.

Fast Imperial

This strategy usually applies to MICHI maps but in some cases the Byzantines are a good choice because of their cheaper imperial aging cost.

Fast Knights

This strategy describes a fast Castle strategy where Knights will be the foundation of your army, camels can also be used but are less effective.

The Monk Rush

I will describe the SMUCH performed by the Sheriff many years ago. But we will also explore the ability for other civilisations to field a very strong early castle age monk assault.





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