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Age Of Empires


Age of Empires released 1990. Is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game that starts in the Stone Age and ends in the Iron Age. It has many fun military units, technologies and buildings.
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Age Of Empires II


Age of Empires II, also known as Age of Kings along with its expansion Age of Kings: The Conquerors, are set in a medieval world, spanning from the Dark Age through to the Imperial Age (middle age).


Age Of Mythology


Age of Mythology and its expansion The Titans, brought a whole new dimension to RTS gameplay. Age of Mythology is set at a time that civilisation was just starting and ends in a period where humanity worshipped many Gods.


Command and Conquer


The Command and Conquer series has always been fun. For many the series starts at Red Alert. But for our purposes we consider Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour the next milestone. This is a fun game known for its massive armies.




One of the longest running series of turned based strategies. Civilisation in all its editions has proved to be an addictive and fun game.


Enemy Territory


Enemy Territory was released as a Free First Person Shooter. The game has two teams, USA and Nazi. You can play numerous roles within the game such as Medic, Engineer and Soldier. Some servers have over 50 people playing on the same scenario map.




MapTool is our free Virtual Tabletop Application. This program lets you share maps and adventures for playing Role Playing Games in a pen and paper fashion. MapTool is part of the RPTools collection.


Total War


An exciting turn based game that offers a 3D battlemap where you engage large armies in realistic combat.


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